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Our Standards

We strive to be transparent in everything we do, put our clients’ needs first, and are always up-front about all costs associated with our services.

Fiduciary responsibility

As fiduciaries, we are required to act in our clients’ best interests at all times, and all of our advice must be conflict-of-interest-free. If a potential conflict does arise, we must notify clients immediately.


MacLean Capital Advisors uses a fee-based compensation model to best align our service with our clients' interests. By charging a flat percentage of clients' assets under management for advice and investment management, we minimize potential conflicts of interest and sit "on the same side of the table" with our clients.  

We also have the ability to provide clients with products and solutions that are only available via sales commission. We make such recommendations only when they are clearly in clients' best interests and when no comparable alternative is available. In such cases we provide clients with detailed explanations of what we are recommending, why we are recommending it and what it costs.