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Welcome to MacLean Capital Advisors

Your uniquely qualified wealth management experts.

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At MacLean Capital Advisors we are proud to provide investment management and financial planning that combines expertise, integrity, and unmatched client care.


In choosing advisors, wise investors look beyond sales pitches for the highest levels of documented expertise. Our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credentials are among the most respected in the financial industry, and we are passionate about using that expertise to help you meet your financial goals. Our investing knowledge allows us to be active and accountable on behalf of clients. And our CPA background enables us to help clients keep more of what they earn--and to identify opportunities and risks that others may not.


As an independent Registered Advisor firm, we answer to our clients, rather than a parent company with its own agenda. As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to put clients' interests first in any decision we make or recommendation we provide. We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing for those we serve.

Client Care

MacLean Capital Advisors' clients receive the personal attention that only a boutique advisory firm can provide. They understand that we're available to help--not just with investing but with virtually any financial matter they face. Our commitment is to serve as your partner and advocate, dedicated to your overall financial success.

MacLean Capital Advisors, an independent investment advisory firm, offers a personalized and comprehensive approach to helping clients sustain and increase their wealth.

To do that, we follow a well thought out and proven five-step process:

Step 1:


Our client relationships begin by learning about your financial situation, your goals and the time frame in which you’d like to achieve them.



We analyze your financial status and carefully evaluate solutions and strategies to help you achieve your goals.



Tested using many tools and processes including a Monte Carlo simulator, one of the most sophisticated tools in financial planning. Backed with expertise and understanding, we make sure the plan is robust and can handle different trials and life events.



Once you’ve signed off, our strategies are put in place by either MCA or third-party experts (i.e. attorneys and CPAs).



Over time we continually monitor—and review with you—progress toward your goals. We make adjustments as needed.

Our Clients

At MacLean Capital Advisors, our clients include successful retirees seeking dependable current income, individuals who are "accumulating" assets and wish to invest them in order to meet clear long-term goals, and businesses that wish to provide the best possible retirement plans to their employees. All of our clients receive ample personal attention and customized advice and solutions—never cookie-cutter answers.

Just as our clients are a diverse group, they also seek us out for a variety of reasons. Some examples:

  • I want to engage a highly credentialed advisor to protect and grow my investment portfolio
  • I need an expert to help create current, sustainable income from my portfolio
  • I'm a successful professional and need an advisor to manage my investments
  • I need more tax efficiency in in my investment portfolio
  • I've just sold my business and need help investing the proceeds
  • I'm recently widowed and need help investing and managing various trusts and accounts
  • I've received an inheritance and need to invest it wisely
  • I just left my longtime job and want to roll my 401(k) into something more flexible
  • I need an advisor who will consult closely with my CPA and estate planning attorney

The Team

Christian MacLean

CFA, CPA, President & Founder

Brette MacLean

Vice President & Co-Founder

Ramona Graab

Client Service Associate

Jacob Rees

Investment Associate

Meet The Team

Our Services

Whether your objectives are personal financial planning, investment strategies or retiring comfortably, at MacLean Capital Advisors our team is eager to help you achieve financial success through a variety of services.

Financial Planning

Our team is dedicated to your overall financial success. By combining thorough financial planning with customized investing we can help you identify and achieve your most important life goals.

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Investment Management

Our portfolio managers are uniquely qualified as CPAs and CFP®s and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve consistent growth with low volatility through our growth-and-income investment style.

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Business Retirement Plans

Whether you’re looking to identify plan providers and administrators that are the best fit for you or you’re seeking education for your employees, we’re here to help our clients reach their investment goals within their retirement accounts. 

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Working with our custodian, Charles Schwab, we ensure the utmost confidence and security that assets are safely kept and easily accessible through a widely used investing and banking platform.